POS Case Study: The Power of Point-of-Sale Software

by | Apr 27, 2018

Read this POS case study to understand the power of point-of-sale software and how it can help your business.

Recently, The Retail Doctor had breakfast with a group of retailers and when he asked them what kind of point of sale software (POS)  they were using, he was shocked by the reply of one business owner:


This retailer’s excuses ranged from fear of new technology and liking the simplicity of a cash drawer to not wanting employees to know how much they were selling.

It’s too bad the business owner feels that way because, as The Retail Doctor points out, “It is impossible for a retailer to grow without investment in software and technology.”

Whether your business is a clothing boutique, a music store, or a scuba shop, an innovative point of sale system can help streamline operations, increase profits, and sustain growth. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are 2 customer case studies that show how using great POS software contributes to their success:

POS Case Study #1: Adventure Plus

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Open since 2000, Adventure Plus specializes in scuba gear, outfitting for canyoneering, rock climbing, and more. They offer lessons in scuba and canyoneering, as well as providing equipment rentals and repairs. Adventure Plus overcame three major challenges with the help of Rain Retail’s proprietary POS system.

Top benefits include:

  • Online Inventory Integration: “Since we’ve started using Rain and customers have been able to see our inventory online, we’ve had an increase in customers coming in to try things on that they know we have, some coming in from a couple states away.”
  • Rental Awareness and Management: “Since we started using Rain, interestingly enough, there’s an increase in rental traffic. People coming in for rentals that didn’t know we had rentals before.”
  • Service and Repair Tracking: The repair module with Rain has really tightened up things in the repair department. We can have a computer set up right there and add parts as you use them; we can add labors. It keeps it all tracked for that customer’s repair as you’re doing it so you don’t forget what services you did. As you go throughout the process, you can just add them in real time.”
POS Case Study: Adventure Plus

POS Case Study #2: Chapman’s Acoustic Shoppe

Just because you’re a two-time NAMM Top 100 Dealer doesn’t mean things always run smoothly in your retail store. For Chapman’s Acoustic Shoppe, the essential day to day tasks involved with running a retail store was overwhelming without a tool that brought together all the different parts of their business into one integrated system. But when they found the right point of Sale software, everything started falling into place and sales increased by 35%.

Top benefits Include:

  • User-Friendly POS Platform: “The menus make sense and you can follow those very intuitively…you can run in-depth reports and you don’t have to memorize a bunch of codes or shortcutsThe staff was able to operate it with very little training.”
  • Integrated Online & In-Store Inventory Management:We had people driving from states away to come all the way to our shop just to look at some of the instruments they saw online. That’s increased our customer base significantly!”
  • Built-in Service & Repair Tracker:Information is shared with all the different technicians and the customers instantlyso we communicate back and forth with technicians and customers to make sure that they know what’s going on at all times.”
POS Case Study: Chapman’s Music Store


We hope this POS case study has been helpful. If you haven’t invested in a good POS system yet, you’re not reaping all the benefits technology has to offer. As you can see from the three case studies above, businesses large and small—from specialty boutiques to music stores—notice a significant improvement in business processes when they use an integrated website/in-store solution that saves time and increases revenue.

Don’t be that retailer who makes excuses for why he prefers to do things with outdated equipment.

Today’s innovative all-in-one, cloud-based POS systems—like the one our three case studies use in their own stores—can provide your small business with the mobility, simplicity, and efficiency you need to accomplish your goals and grow your business.