Job Dissatisfaction: Why Are People Quitting Their Jobs En Masse?

by | Feb 16, 2022

In September 2021, a record 4.4 million Americans resigned from their employment due to job dissatisfaction, escalating a trend known as the Great Resignation.

When the job market was particularly bad in recent years, terrible managers could be awful managers without the fear of their staff quitting. Employees can easily migrate to new organizations due to the enormous volume of available opportunities, leaving enterprises with weak management short on talent.

While some employees may leave for a better opportunity, transforming your company culture to a more employee-focused atmosphere can enhance staff retention. Here are a few pointers to help you understand why people are quitting their jobs and how organizations can overcome these challenges: 

Lack of Recognition 

Most employees tend to switch jobs because they do not feel appreciated or praised for their efforts. In fact, some employees feel that they are not an integral part of the organization. This belief of not being a “part” of the organization can lead to high levels of job dissatisfaction. It is one of the major reasons why most people quit their jobs. 

Organizations that have used the SMART technique (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based feedback) to recognize employee performance have found it easy to give the right amount of appreciation to employees, ultimately resulting in them staying at their job.

Desiring a Greater Level of Difficulty

After a long period at the same job, you develop a good understanding of all of your duties and obligations. When there isn’t much more to learn in your current position, you may begin to feel ready for a new challenge. This is a normal element of professional development and job dissatisfaction happens, especially as you become more interested in learning new skills.

Searching for a Higher-Paying Job

It could be time to look for new employment if you feel underpaid for the work you do. Similarly, you may be willing to take on more tasks in exchange for a higher income. You may find that if your lifestyle changes or your family develops, job dissatisfaction occurs and you may need to earn more money to cover your living expenditures.

A Lack of Motivation

Over time, what started as an exciting opportunity may leave you feeling uninspired. Finding a new job is an excellent approach to rekindle your enthusiasm for your career. Because your current workplace may not provide you with the opportunity to undertake meaningful work, it’s critical that your new employer’s values, mission, and passions fit with your own.

A Desire to Be Appreciated

If you feel replaceable at your current job, you may wish to look for a job where your efforts are valued more. It feels fantastic to know that your effort matters and impacts the company’s performance. Because you have fewer duties in entry-level positions, this can lead to job dissatisfaction and be difficult unless you are qualified for a higher-level position.

Attempting to Improve the Relationship with Management

As your career progresses, you may find that you get along better with some people than others. This is a typical part of working in any company, yet switching jobs may allow you to form healthier relationships. If you need a more supportive manager or supervisor, it might be time to look for a firm with higher importance on employee-management interactions.

lower job dissatisfaction

Looking for Opportunities for Work Growth and Advancement

If your current employer is limited in the number of promotions or learning opportunities it can provide, you may wish to look for a new job. Being able to advance in your profession is crucial to feeling fulfilled and lowering job dissatisfaction. Quality employers provide opportunities for continuing education, such as workshops, seminars, online bootcamps, lectures, and tuition reimbursement.


As you can see, these are just a few solid reasons why people tend to quit their jobs. As a company owner, taking these reasons into consideration can help you create a work environment that retains high-performing employees.

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