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Website Features

Unlimited Products and Pages

Unlimited. Isn't that a good word? Doesn't it make you feel warm and happy inside? Our system allows you to add unlimited pages and unlimited products, to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


Shopping Cart

We all secretly want to use the electric carts at the grocery store that let us relax and shop at the same time. Some of us fake an injury and use them anyway. But with our shopping cart, every customer will feel like they're cruising around free as a bird with total ease, and complete safety. We’ve even got Paypal and capabilities.


Content Management System

Instead of hiring a smelly little intern to manage the system for you, we created a content management system so easy and simple, it practically manages itself. Adding photos, slideshows, products, classes, text, newsletter signups, search bars, and other features is simple. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you're done!


Events Calendar

Want a simple way to let your customers know you're throwing a totally cool party? Put it on the Events Calendar. Our events calendar helps share the love by making it easy for your customers to see the events you have going on. So you can all get together and do what you love


Email Marketing

We've all got too much to do, and not enough time in the day to do it in. But there's always time to read an email out of the palm of your hand. Especially when it's from you, telling them you've got a great sale going on. Our system allows you to create email lists, save emails in a newsletter archive, and track success with open rate analytics. Not only have we armed you with a built-in system to avoid spam filters, but we even give training on the best email practices.

Slideshows for Quilt Store Websites


Sound hard? It's not. Select from multiple choices in slideshows that pan, enlarge, flip and more to add movement and professionalism to any page on your website. Make a few choices, upload images of products, your store, or anything else and you're done!


Unlimited Pages

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again. Unlimited. With only a few clicks, create as many web pages as you need. You can always reorganize and rename them the way you like at any point in the process.

Unlimited Pages for your Website
Spreadsheet Upload to Manage Your Online Products

Spreadsheet Upload

Thinking about physical therapy for your worn out pointer finger? Forget about it! Save time and clicks by using spreadsheets to easily manage and update hundreds or thousands of products.


Multiple Login Accounts

Sometimes it takes a village to raise a child. And since we know that your business is your baby, we’ve made your website ‘village friendly.’ You can give partial or full website-editing access to several employees or business partners with our multiple administrative login options.

Multiple Login Accounts to manage your website
Wholesale Login for Retail Store Websites

Visitor/ Wholesale Login

At every good event there’s a VIP section. Give special groups of visitors access to private information, such as wholesale prices, employee training pages, and more through this portal. No cover charge.


Search Engine Optimization Tools

Remember that time when you called up all 56 Sara Smiths in the phone book because you couldn’t figure out which one was the one you met at that coffee shop last week? Help potential customers avoid that trouble by improving your SEO. We teach the best SEO practices to improve your website's visibility to search engines, which basically means you’ll be the first Sara Smith they call.

SEO Tools for your website
Facebook Integration for your website

Facebook Integration

People like you right? Well let them literally “Like” you by adding Facebook “like” and “comment” buttons to any page or product.



A sale, a party, or even your very own birthday. Keep customers updated on recent or upcoming events with our news module.

News Feature for your website
Search Bar for your website

Search Bar

You know that super power that moms have that gives them the ability to find something in your room, no matter how long you’ve been looking for it? The internet version is called the search bar, except anyone can do it. Help customers easily find products and information by adding a search bar to any page on your website.


Website Analytics

Analytics sounds like something you hire the super smart kid from your college stats class to do. Why not do it yourself? With Website Analytics, you can track the amount of visitors that find your website, how they found your website, and more. Who’s the smarty pants now?

Website Analytics for your website
FAQ feature for your website


You could call it the Speed Dating of brands on the internet. The FAQ page. It’s the perfect place to help curious customers learn more about your business by providing them with answers to those basic, need to know questions


File Transfer

How many times have you tried to send or receive a large file, and it almost breaks the internet? Well, save yourself and the internet a little trouble by using the File Transfer module to receive large files from customers in your email.

File Transfer for your website
Job Listing for your website

Job Listing

Part of growing is adding more people to your team. But we don’t mean just any people. We know how important it is to have the right people on your team. Use the Job Listing module to find the missing piece to your company’s puzzle.


Unlimited File Upload

Are we allowed to say unlimited one more time? Unlimited. That’s the amount of files you’re able to upload to your website’s repository. That's easy access to unlimited video, images, and music files. Oops, we said it again.

Unlimited File Upload for your website

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