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SEO and Web Marketing by Rain

Our philosophy behind Internet marketing is that every niche, business and website is unique and requires a custom marketing plan to take advantage of your site's strengths and minimize weaknesses. That’s why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all marketing package. When you work with us, you receive a one-of-a-kind marketing plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Research & Analysis

Effectively researching your market is vital to a successful marketing campaign. Without it, you’re gambling away your marketing budget. So every month we audit your campaign to determine what services will benefit your business the most. This includes scanning your website for potential weaknesses, measuring the current demand for your keywords, and assessing your competitors to determine where you stand.

Imagine you're a race car driver in a race. No amount of training or racing maneuvers will allow you to win if you aren’t even on the right track.

Our Unique Approach to Internet Marketing

Our goal is not to improve your rankings or traffic, but to improve your business overall. Our campaigns focus on creating a positive experience for your customers.  By making your site user-friendly and relevant to your market, you will see an improvement in your search rankings, traffic, conversions and repeat customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Your Own SEO Expert - Every month we will create a custom marketing plan for your website so you receive the services that benefit your business the most.
  • Detailed Reporting - We'll send you a detailed services, search ranking & traffic report each month so you know exactly what’s being done and how it’s benefiting your business.
  • No Contracts - All of our SEO campaigns are contract-free, so there's no long-term commitment.

Boost your site!

Our unique approach to marketing has helped dozens of businesses maximize their online marketing potential. If you're interested in customized SEO marketing, please call (801) 845-0612 or complete this form.