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See How The POS & Website Integration Works

"After we started using Rain, we saw a 23% increase in sales in Q3 Year-over-Year."

~Bonnie Sherman, Partner, Denver Divers

See how integrated Repairs and Services makes life easier

With Rain, managing rental equipment is now a breeze. Since the rental system is integrated with your point of sale, inventory availability, customer accounts, reservations, deposits, late fees, waivers, and checkouts are now quick and painless... just the way you like it.

"My inventory management time has been cut in half and I have more time to build relationships with my customers to grow revenue"

~TJ Cottam, Partner, Adventure Plus

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Watch how easy it is to manage classes with Rain

With Rain, you can manage classes right from within your point of sale. Attendees can register and pay while in your store, or they can do it online. This also helps reduce no shows and increase class attendance.

Managing Special Orders Couldn't be Easier

With Rain, managing special orders is incredibly easy to do.

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