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We hope you had a great month. We're so excited about our new checkout! Check it out and let us know what you think! (pun intended)


New Web Checkout:
The new web checkout is here. There are some small issues that we are working hard to resolve. But in many ways it is superior to the other web checkout. It also fixes a couple of bugs with the old checkout. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Credit Card or PayPal - A customer may now choose between two payment methods at checkout. [screenshot]
  • Streamlined Checkout - Once they click to checkout, they are taken to a branded page that is hosted securely. This is great from a PCI compliance standpoint, since you are not collecting payments through your website. Additionally, the customer never leaves this page during the checkout process. [screenshot]
  • Indicate Gift and Gift Message - The checkout will allow customers to mark this purchase as a gift and also attach a message if desired. [screenshot]
  • Images in Cart - Product images will appear on the checkout page. They can also adjust the quantity, add a coupon, change shipping method, etc., all from this page if needed.
  • Capture Funds through TransNational - If you are using TransNational (our preferred processor) as your processor, then you may now capture authorized funds through our system instead of logging in through the gateway. Processing refunds works as well.

Other New Features

  1. Manage Gift Card - We added the ability to edit and delete gift cards. This functionality can be limited to certain users through permissions. Watch this short video about what has changed. Watch Video
  2. Permission Enhancements for Reports - You may now restrict report access by location and time. For instance, if you have a staff member at one of three locations, you can limit them to only having access to that location. You may also limit time people for which a group will have access to the EOD report. Adjust this by clicking Settings (gear icon top right) > Users > Groups. Then edit the desired group and adjust the settings appropriately. [screenshot]

Fixes / Updates

  • List Price - Added "List Price" to the Sales by Item report so that you can see what the full retail value of the sales would have been.
  • Digital Downloads - Addressed some issues with digital downloads not working.
  • Repair Module - You may now view serialized history in the repair module.
  • Rental Module - Allow employee to add overdue fees.
  • Wait List - Enhanced wait list report so that you may view based on customer instead of just item.
  • Date Added - Enhanced the bulk upload to allow a column for "Date Added" so that you can track when the item was added in the system.

There are many more items in each of the above categories. Click here to see the complete list of software updates.

Tabbed Browsing

Tired of leaving what you're doing to go to something you need, then having to recreate what you were working on? Use tabbed browsing to save tons of time!

Start your day by opening up the system, and then opening a second tab with another part of the system you are likely to need. For example, you might start your day opening the Register for the Point of Sale. But maybe you also frequently need to look at your Customer list, so click on Point of Sale in the blue admin toolbar and then right-click on Customers and choose to Open in a New Tab. You will see the new tab open to the right of your current tab. Do the same for Products, Classes, or whatever you regularly need, and then just jump back and forth between tabs without leaving your work!


For anyone curious about best practices in our Email Marketing system, this video, while dated, is the best resource available. That part of the system has not changed at all since Andy did the original webinar. Watch Here

Words of Wisdom for March provided by Andy Wheeler 


We're happy to have some new faces in our office. These guys joined us in February and have been doing an awesome job! More faces here means more help and a better product for you. Sounds good to us!                                                                                    

Brad Nelson Coburn Bristol
::: COMING UP :::

We love seeing you! You can catch us at these upcoming trade shows:

  • NAMM - June 23-25
  • Outdoor Retailer - August 3-6
  • Surf Expo - September 8-10
  • DEMA - November 16-19

New to the system? Need to brush up on your skills? Join our training webinars.

Our training webinars are a 3 part series that is repeated each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3 PM Mountain Time. Click the link below to see exact dates and sign up.


First of all, thank you to all of you who told us what you would love to read in our newsletter. You gave us great ideas! Speaking of great ideas...

Do you have a question you think others may have too? Send Holly your question and you may see it answered here next month. We will choose the ones we think will be the most beneficial to everyone and feature them here next time.

If the question is specific to your website, we would love to answer it via phone (877-909-6699) or you may submit a support request here.

If your question is more general, or related to growing your business, click here to send your questions to Holly. (We will not be able to feature all questions here. That would be a lot of reading for you.)

Have an awesome week!

The Team At Rain

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