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A New Module and Answers to Your Questions

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We hope you are enjoying your Spring and getting lots of great things done in your shop and on your website! We've been working hard on our end to make things easier on yours. Take a look at the software updates below to get an idea of what we've been working on. Click on the link to see more.



  • Store locator module - The new store locator module will come in handy for multi-store and product manufacturers (including pattern designers). This feature will allow you to create a list of stores where your products are sold, and let users find the location that is nearest them. To configure this module, click on Website > Modules > Store Locator. [screenshot] Add a store location, then fill out the form on the right side of the screen. After you have entered the physical address, a button will appear that will find the geocode and allow this to work with Google Maps. [screenshot]
  • Manage Customer Reward Coupons - When editing a customer profile, you may now view the reward coupons that customer has earned. [screenshot] From this page, you can see the amount of the coupon, the transactions where it was issued and redeemed, and the expiration (if applicable). [screenshot] You may also add a reward coupon, or delete existing reward coupons for this customer.
  • Added timestamp and name of user to transfers - Now, when transferring inventory between two locations, the time the transfer was created and received in the system will display. Additionally, the name of the user who created and received the transfer will display.
  • Added columns to the "Sales by Item" export - We have added the department, vendor, and category values to the Sales by Item report export.
  • Added toggle for integrated credit card processing - If you use integrated credit card processing, and find yourself in a position where you need to disable it for a transaction, you will now see a toggle at the top of the slide out where you would normally swipe the card. When turned off, the setting will remain until the page is refreshed. This comes in handy during a power outage where you need to run the till on an iPad and have to process cards using Square or some method other than the integrated method. Also a common request for those who regularly run the till at trade shows.
  • Domestic shipping for Australia and UK - Now, under the shipping settings for your website, you may select Australia or the UK as the default for domestic shipping. The new web checkout will respond and adjust based on the settings you select.

Fixes / Updates

  • Fixed several issues with the QuickBooks Financial integration.
  • Fixed issue with new web checkout where some customers weren't able to select a shipping method at checkout.
  • Fixed issue with new web checkout where order notifications were not being delivered to the store owner when a purchase was made.

There are many more items in each of the above categories. Click here to see the complete list of software updates.

Inventory Entry

If you're looking to save time on inventory entry, try our Purchase Order / Receiving Order module. Even if you don't use the system for ordering, doing your product creation, inventory entry, and even barcode label printing can be streamlined by doing it all at once from a Receiving Order.

Start by choosing your vendor, searching for existing products or creating them on the fly right from the RO, and then entering your inventory, costs, shipping (for secondary costs) and price info all from the same interface. Once the inventory is in, the system lets you print barcode labels for everything on your invoice!

Words of Wisdom provided by Andy Wheeler 

More employees means more fun! Happy to have more friendly faces in our crew!                                                                                    

Sean Hall
::: COMING UP :::

We love seeing you! You can catch us at these upcoming trade shows:

  • NAMM - June 23-25
  • Outdoor Retailer - August 3-6
  • Surf Expo - September 8-10
  • DEMA - November 16-19

New to the system? Need to brush up on your skills? Join our training webinars.

Our training webinars are a 3 part series that is repeated each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3 PM Mountain Time. Click the link below to see exact dates and sign up.


As a new customer (migration scheduled this month), I have not been able to attend your training sessions. I am a one-man shop and 3PM is during my work day. Any chance of having training early or late in the day for us west coasters?

The live training webinars are only offered at the one time each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. However, for those that cannot attend, we have recorded these webinars for our customers to watch. They are recordings of actual live webinars that we have done. They can be seen using this link:

Q: I am interested in the webinars. Are they a series?
in other words if I sign up for one tomorrow am I lost or do I need to start with the first of the week and continue all week. Are they a series????

You don’t necessarily need to watch the webinar series in order. However, we recommend it because some of the concepts build upon each other. If you can’t watch the Tuesday webinar, but want to watch the Wednesday and Thursday webinar, that is just fine! If this is the case, we recommend you watch the recording of the first webinar. The recorded webinars can be found using this link:

Thank you for your great questions!

Do you have a question you think others may have too? Send Holly your question and you may see it answered here next month. We will choose the ones we think will be the most beneficial to everyone and feature them here next time.

If the question is specific to your website, we would love to answer it via phone (877-909-6699) or you may submit a support request here.

If your question is more general, or related to growing your business, click here to send your questions to Holly.
(We will not be able to feature all questions here. That would be a lot of reading for you.)

Have an awesome week!

The Team At Rain

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