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Integrated Point of Sale & Websites

for American Underwater Products (AUP) dealers including Oceanic, Hollis, LavaCore and Oceanpro

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Brick & mortar meets e-commerce

Powerful, seamless integration with unlimited customer support

  • Real-Time Inventory. Keep things in sync with an integrated Point of Sale and website from Rain. Each time you add new products or make a sale, your in-store and online inventory update in real time. No add-ons or coding required.
  • Class Management. Make life better and easier for divers and class instructors with our hassle-free class sign-up. Customers can reserve seats in store or online. Teachers can print a roster. You can track all running classes. It’s a win-win-win.
  • Snorkel and Dive Trip Event Calendar. Keep customers in the loop about the lessons, day trips and sales you offer with our online calendar.
  • Repair Tracking System. Impress customers by efficiently tracking regulator repairs, dry suit repairs, and other services your shop offers. Send a text message right from the system when service is done.
  • Quickbooks Integration. Need we say more?
  • Unlimited registers, logins, products, and customer support. That's right. Unlimited. You can even have unlimited stores, if you want. We're flexible that way.

Built-in Marketing

Treat your customers like family with integrated marketing tools

  • E-mail marketing. Keep in touch with your divers by creating e-mail/newsletter lists from your Point of Sale information, or bulk import new lists of potential customers.
  • Social media integration. You're busy. You don't have time to be on Facebook all day. That's ok; we've got you covered.
  • Text message marketing. Send alerts about flash sales; ping your customer when their gear is ready. It's all included with your POS.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO tools will help your dive shop show up in Google search results when local customers are looking for your products and services.

Rentals online or in store

With Rain POS, managing your rental equipment is now a breeze. You’ll know at a glance what equipment you have available, what’s out, and what’s overdue—and kinda most importantly, who paid what.

Since the rental system’s automatically integrated with your Point of Sale, all those reservations, deposits, and checkouts are now quick and painless...just the way you like it.

Why People Like You Love Rain

"Rain's website and POS system is very easy to set up and use. I especially like that it is always evolving, and you are adding improvements and additions...many times based on suggestions customers have made."

~ Leslye Solomon

"You guys rock! We love our new POS program, and when we do have a problem, you attend to it ASAP. In this world there are people who tell you they'll get back to you, but don't. Not with Rain. We appreciate your integrity, dedication and friendliness to us. We don't get to tell you this often, but THANK YOU for such a user friendly program."

~ Ginny Matheo

"I love that Rain is a complete package so I only have to deal with one company for website, POS, etc. I also LOVE that it is web based so I can check things in the POS from wherever I am. I love that I can get a hold of tech support without long waits and they are all patient and kind."

~ Michelle Luke