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Cloud-based Point of Sale

Rain's web based Point of Sale + integrated Website make inventory management simple.
Your POS and website update simultaneously any time you add or sell an item.

POS Features

Inventory is always in Sync

It seems like everything these days is now or never. Fortunately, we can keep up with that. With our Point of Sale system, your inventory will automatically, instantly sync everywhere, including online and in store. And you thought Google Fiber was fast.



Back ups are gross. Clouds are awesome. All your Point of Sale information will be stored in that all-seeing, all-knowing cloud. You can access it anywhere you have Internet, without ever having to worry about backing up.


Customer Accounts

Your clients are the biggest part of your team. You wouldn’t be here without them! Our POS system allows you to access your important player stats, like purchase history, and even their reward points!


Repair/Service Tracking

Repairs used to be a nightmare. But when you’ve got detailed service tracking integrated with your POS, they become a dream. Even the smallest of inventory items used for the service/repair are added to the claim ticket's parts used. You know the status of every service/repair, and customers are automatically notified via Text messaging when their repair/service is completed. Imagine not needing to call customers multiple times each day to let them know they can pick up their repaired/serviced item. 


Unlimited Users

Have you ever heard that too much of a good thing can be bad for you? Well, we don’t really believe it. That’s why our POS system allows as many users as your heart desires, free of charge. You also have employee permission controls, allowing you to grant different levels of access within your Point of Sale, according to employee status/need.


Accounting Integration

Does Quickbooks compatibility have you screaming “first world problems!”? Yeah, we know. That’s why we made our POS system 100% compatible and integrated with all your quick book accounting needs.


Text Message Marketing

Did you know that 98% of all text messages are read? 98%! That's staggering. That's why we built Text Message Marketing right into our Point of Sale platform to make it easier for you to market effectively to your customers. Send coupons, promote classes, and automatic send notices for completed services/repairs. You can keep it manual, or set up an automated system! Customers will see your text, then get back to posting and tweeting about how great your business is!



Have more than one location? Not a problem. Our Point of Sale system allows you to check out what is where, for as many locations as you have open. And because our POS uses a single database, moving inventory between location is simple, eliminating human error, and helping you accurately optimize inventory levels between stores.


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