Reverb Integration
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Rain's integration with Reverb saves you hours of time, allowing you to easily add products to your Reverb store by the click of a button within your Point of Sale. Plus, no need to manage inventory separately. When products sell in your store, inventory will automatically reduce on your Reverb store, and visa versa. All your online orders can be fulfilled from one place.



  • Easily create draft, or live, listings on Reverb from the Rain point-of-sale system.
  • Information pushed to Reverb includes title, description, images, condition, year, make, model, price, Reverb categories, offers accepted, etc.
  • Reverb sales are pushed over to Rain POS so all sales can be fulfilled from one place.
  • Inventory is automatically synced between Rain and Reverb.

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What Rain Retail Customers Are Saying

"Now we're able to push products to Reverb without having to list them manually."

~Jeremy Chapman, Co-Owner, The Acoustic Shoppe

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