Point of Sale Reinvented

The steps of reinventing Point of Sale

We Added a Website to the Point of Sale
You need a website and you need a POS. More importantly, you need an awesome website and an awesome POS. We happen to have both. And they even like working together.
We Put Inventory in One Place...the Cloud
You like your stuff and you like it organized. We get it. That's why we keep it in one place. The cloud. That way, it never gets lost, and it always stays in sync.
We Made it Run on Any Device
Bill might not be happy about this, but our system runs on a Mac as well as a PC (and an iPad, and a Galaxy, and a ...)
Google is pretty impressed. Check it out.
According to a 2014 Google Study
of people search for product availability at local stores on their computer or tablet.
search for local information while researching their next purchase.
to 72% of consumers who search for local information then visit a store within 5 miles.
Shopping for cool stuff is fun. Shopping for mispriced and out of stock products is not. Our system keeps your current product pricing and availability up to speed everywhere.
That's more fun for everybody.
Rain makes your business grow.
Here’s how...
When stuff breaks, it bites. When you fix it, you're awesome. Your customers start cheering and doing victory dances, and you start crowd surfing. Well, maybe all of those things won't happen. But you're still awesome. Because your customers love your stuff and they love when people like you fix it. So treat your awesome self to a repair tracking system that you'll love. One that tracks services and repairs for each customer, creates claim tickets for each job, and tracks parts, service and accessories with equipment.
Text Message Marketing
It's not that texting is hard. It's just that you don't really want to wear your thumbs out sending a bajillion texts. Because thumbs are really helpful. And you need them for stuff. Like using chopsticks. And holding on to ... anything. So spare yourself of thumb exhaustion and send all of those texts to all of those people with a system that does it way faster. You can text that a repair job is done, that a sale is coming, or that you're wondering if anyone has seen the latest Nicolas Cage movie. jk. But seriously. Send what you want. Then have the replies automatically saved into your system. Now take those well-rested thumbs and use them to do something awesome. Or at least something that isn't texting.
Easy-to-manage Website
You're smart. You have your own business for crying out loud. But just because you're smart and could rock a complex website, doesn't mean you want to. After all, you have a lot of passion for a lot of things. And you still have items left on your bucket list. So why waste your time with a complicated website? Our websites are easy to manage, but they don't look easy to manage. They look sweet. So get one. Then go do something you love.
Manage Inventory in One Place
Remember that one time you spent all of your Saturdays entering inventory? Want to spend more Saturdays entering more inventory into more places? Didn't think so. Keep your stuff in one place, but have it update in all of your places. Our system stores your inventory info in one database then uses that database for your website, mobile site, point of sale, and other places we'll tell you about soon. So enter it once, then watch it update everywhere. Now Saturdays can be used the way they were meant to be used.
Marketing: SEO, Email, Social
You have no problem telling people how awesome your business is. You do it all the time. You wouldn't even mind yelling about it. In fact you sometimes do. You also spend time making sure the online world hears you. You spend time on SEO, email marketing, and social media. Our system makes that time work for you and uses less of it. It gets you in the rankings, in inboxes, and in news feeds. That's just how it was built.
Here's what our customers say:
“Rain makes managing my inventory sooo easy! My store and website are always in sync!”
“The support team is fantastic! Any time I have a question, they are right there ready to help.”
“My website went from being a non-factor to being a major marketing asset.”
Makes sense right? Let us show you how it works.
Give us a call at (877) 909-6699 or drop us a line