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Streamline your
shop and drive
more sales

• Easy-to-use boutique POS system
• Integrated eCommerce website
• Automated marketing tools

An Outstanding POS System. I am able to input inventory into the system in a timely manner. I am able to work proficiently with everything except learning how to take my inventory and have it imported to QuickBooks.


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Boutique stores are part of a booming but increasingly competitive industry, and the only way to keep up with modern commerce is to use an innovative POS system. Unlike big chain retailers, you appeal to your customers with a curated and inviting shopping experience, so you need tools that help you make data-driven decisions and solve customer pain points.

Facilitating sales, perfecting your internal processes, syncing online and offline transactions, and even elevating your website—these are all POS benefits that Rain Retail uses to simplify and support boutique businesses like yours.

Capture every sale. Every time.

Win more sales opportunities by creating a seamless customer experience across your in-store and online sales channels.


• Digital Payouts
• Commission Tracking
• Online Listings


• Marketing Results
• Inventory Turn
• Top Customers


• Reward Points
• Online & In-store
• Gift Cards


• In-store & Online
• Product Options
• Easy Reordering

Discover Irreplaceable Boutique POS Benefits

Boost customer loyalty

Creating a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers is a top priority. Rain Retail’s boutique POS system is the
perfect resource for collecting helpful marketing data, discovering what your customers need and prefer, and honing both the in-
store and online customer experience. Sales and tracking software can provide you with powerful insights into your sales patterns,
popular products, and customer profiles, which is ideal for personalized marketing campaigns and creating attractive loyalty programs
for your customer base.

Streamlined inventory management

Whether you are a small startup or your established business is ramping up, our POS system scales with the growth of any boutique
store. When you experience inventory volume increases, add more registers on-site, or build a new location, a great POS system easily
adjusts to your new demands and helps you stay properly stocked.

Centralized operations

You can make checkouts easier for customers and employees, integrate with e-commerce platforms, track employee sales
performance, and find all of your customer and sales data in one place. By having all of your operations and data under one tool,
monitoring your business’s health is more convenient, more accurate, and more effective.

Ecommerce website

Impress your visitors with a beautifully designed website

  • Increase exposure with optimized pages
  • Look great on every device and screen
  • Give a seamless omnichannel experience
Boutique pos software

Upgrade your business with the
most advanced point-of-sale

  • Simplify Inventory management and ordering
  • Boost sales with customer rewards
  • Take Control with powerful reporting
Automated marketing tools

Engage your customers
more often and boost sales

  • Target customers based on interest 
  • Send automated text and email promotions
  • Build more trust with review invites

Partner with the best in the business

Rain Retail is a member of The Boutique Hub, an online community of boutique shop owners who share ideas about running better boutique businesses.

This membership has allowed us to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in boutique management. Using these insights, we’ve crafted a boutique POS system to meet the needs of main street retailers like you, with simplified clothing store inventory management, impactful outreach, and streamlined, seamless management for employees.


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Rain helped us integrate everything we were doing: Point-of-sale in-store and point-of-sale online has been seamless.

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How do I keep track of inventory?

Today, you need a POS system to help you track and control the volume of your inventory. To keep up with demand and supply, businesses are relying on automation, real-time updates, and detailed dashboards to monitor all inventory stages.

What is POS for small businesses?

A point-of-sale system is essential for small businesses since they bring all your transactions under one platform. Small businesses tend to offer a personalized experience for their customers, which means they need tools that offer them greater flexibility. Rain Retail makes accepting payments from practically anywhere possible and keeps your data, inventory, and revenue insights easily accessible from a single intuitive dashboard.