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Rain’s POS has made our store run so much more efficiently! So many tasks that were once long and tedious are now cut in half!

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A craft store POS is a non-negotiable for business owners that want to optimize their time and resources—after all, you supply endless products to the endless projects of your customers. A POS system makes managing the fluxes in your inventory much more efficient, helps you better understand your customers, keeps your order fulfillment process organized, and accurately processes and documents every purchase, both online and in-store. Simple but sophisticated, Rain Retail makes your job easier by taking care of all the data collection, payment processing, and digital software so that you can focus on assisting your creative customer base.

Manage Everything In One Place

Your craft shop needs a craft store POS that’s built for you. Manage your inventory, customers, and marketing all in one place with Rain.

Notions Marketing

• Seamless Integration
• Purchase Order Sync
• Product Images


• Automated Emails
• Text Messaging
• Review Invites


• Reward Points
• Online & In-store
• Gift Cards


• In-store & Online
• Product Options
• Easy Reordering

The Perfect POS System for Craft Businesses

Create an unforgettable customer experience

Whether you thrive in the online marketplace, own multiple locations to shop in, or have a mixture of both, a point-of-sales system can easily integrate with your in-personal and online stores for a seamless customer experience. Purchases are all processed under one cohesive platform that gathers customer sales data and noticeable trends. You can turn that data into competitive marketing campaigns, tailored experiences, website improvements, and a relevant loyalty program for your customers.

Optimize company time and resources

The analytics and reporting capabilities that come with our POS system provide insights into your sales patterns, inventory, and revenue so that you are always making data-driven decisions. It also streamlines the checkout process by automatically retrieving pricing information, applying discounts, leveraging barcode scanning, and reducing human error; both employees and customers have a much more enjoyable experience. A POS system means less labor, more insights into your cash flow, and immediate access to information about your business health.

Understand your inventory always

Constant, always-accurate, and easy-to-access visibility of your inventory is a priceless benefit of craft store POS software. It tracks stock levels, provides real-time updates on product availability, and alerts store owners when it’s time to reorder specific craft supplies. No overstocking or understocking of products, and you always have customer favorites on hand. Craft stores can optimize their inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and improve inventory turnover, all on a single, digital interface.

Ecommerce website

Impress your visitors with a beautifully designed website

  • Increase exposure with optimized pages
  • Look great on every device and screen
  • Give a seamless omnichannel experience

Upgrade your business with the most advanced point-of-sale

  • Simplify Inventory management and ordering
  • Boost sales with customer rewards
  • Take Control with powerful reporting

Streamline signups and boost your attendance rate

  • Accept in-store & online registration
  • Send text and email reminders
  • Upsell customers on class materials

Partner with the best in the business

Rain has partnered with Notions Marketing, the largest supplier of art and craft products, to build helpful tools for retailers. When you choose Rain Retail’s craft store POS, you access tools created specifically for your business— including purchase order integration, product catalog data with images, and more.

We also work with the Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) and the International Art Materials Association (NAMTA) to support the arts and crafts industry through education and events. The goal for our continuing education? Learning all that we can about the arts and crafts industry to create an easy-to-use point of sale designed with craft stores in mind— so you can save time and make a living doing what you love.


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