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Inventory management is no small task, but solutions from Rain Retail make it fast, simple, and streamlined. With our all-in-one retail POS system, you can manage your in-store and online inventory from a single source with zero hiccups. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive inventory management software.

User friendly and love that all my inventory is easy to access. Makes checkout very quick & easy for my customers.
Mostly that my website is integrated with my POS.

Lisa Sumler

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Precise — Scalable — Powerful

No matter your industry or size, Rain Retail software is designed to make inventory management for your business painless and efficient. High volumes, constant changes and updates, and unpredictable market trends can make processing inventory a demanding job. To prevent shortages and wasted materials, you need a tool that can not only accurately track what you have or don’t have, but that can compile data to inform your purchasing decisions. Smarter software means smarter decision-making, which optimizes all of your inventory efforts.

Improve Your Processes

Our software allows you to track all inventory, gather information about sales and customers with reporting and analytics, and integrate your eCommerce functions from the same program. Your inventory management system can become your greatest asset with these perks:

Daily To-do’s

Make daily operations
easy with intuitive and
collaborative interfaces

Stock Management

Get the stats you need for
auditing, budgeting, and
forecasting with digitized stock


Rely on real-time
reporting those curated
personalized insights

Customer focus

Use data-driven
insights to better serve
your customer base


Protect your business and
customers with secure access
and authorization technology

Features That Put You in Control

Our perfectly synced, all-in-one POS system allows you to coordinate all of your inventory
management and other digital processes at the tip of your fingers.



The inventory management process has dozens of components and steps to keep track of, such as lot numbers, serial numbers, and more. All of these factors can overwhelm your business without simple but powerful organization features.

Not only can you keep track of every item using a digital interface, but you can add important details like the quantity, cost, and location of the item. Customize the access users have, the fields that you want to organize items by, and much more. Plus, you can use digital and automated inventory lists to make auditing and budgeting easier.



Optimal purchase ordering, production, and distribution require inventory management technology that collects data and automates repetitive processes. The best software helps you simplify each process with convenient and accurate features, such as leveraging barcode and QR scanning, in-app scanners, and alerts for low stock.

With top-tier management software, you can more easily calculate what your safety stock should be, what items are obsolete for your customers, and what your reorder points should be.



Accurate financial reporting can be an intimidating task for businesses, but not with inventory management software that constantly compiles data and documents any changes or updates. Get activity reports on the users and changes to items, inventory summary reports that provide an overview of the quality and impact of your current inventory, transaction reports, and more.

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Balance Your Inventory with Rain Retail

Whatever your current strategy is for inventory management, you can better track assets, weigh costs more efficiently, improve supply chain
visibility, and effectively plan for delays or spikes in production with the Rain Retail POS system. Best of all, you can configure your POS features so that every aspect of your inventory management system is tailored to your needs and business objectives.

If you’re ready to increase your sales and revenue, cut your processing time down, and boost your business’ productivity, get in contact with a Rail Retail representative today!


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