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Elevate Your Outdoor Store POS System with Rain

With such a variety of equipment and products, you also need an outdoor store POS system that can keep up with your supply and demand, online and offline customer purchasing, and busy seasons. Some of the key features include. 

  • Online Rental Management Tool
  • Seamless Inventory Management
  • Integrated eCommerce Website

This product is very user-friendly and makes it possible to change or add things with ease. Customer service is always friendly
and helpful. I have had a very good experience with Rain Point of Sale.

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Rain’s Solution for Outdoor Retailers

Sports, camping, hiking, and dozens of other outdoor activities come with a wide range of equipment, meaning your outdoor store serves a diverse and dynamic community. With such a variety of equipment and products, you also need an outdoor store POS system that can keep up with your supply and demand, online and offline customer purchasing, and busy seasons. To reach your customer’s pain points, understand your sales performance, and rise above chain retailers, a POS system from Rain Retail is designed with your needs in mind.

Any time. Any place.

Engage your customers at the moment they’re ready to purchase by bringing your in-store and online sales channels together in one system.

Online Rentals

• Packages
• Rental Calendar
• Serialized Items


• Automated Emails
• Text Messaging
• Review Invites

Work Orders

• Service Reminders
• Text Updates
• Serialized Inventory


• Service Records
• Rental Tracking
• Purchase History

A POS that Provides Insight into Your Business Operations

A time and a place for everything

You likely have different inventory demands throughout the year, with both busy and slower seasons—which can make balancing your
supply and demand difficult. With a POS system, you can constantly gather data and cultivate reports based on customer purchasing
habits and the popularity of your products throughout the year. This makes it much easier to identify trends, understand customer
buying behavior, and optimize inventory levels to boost your sales and understand your revenue year-round.

Elaborate customer options, simple internal management

Outdoor gear often comes with multiple attributes, sizes, and other modifications—luckily, a POS system can handle the many variations
of just a single product. You offer your customers a great shopping experience by understanding the niche needs of their equipment,
which doesn’t add to your work at all. Your customers enjoy the variety and ease of access to their favorite products while your
automated internal operations, such as inventory and analytics, adjust in real time.

Fostering life-long customers

As you work to earn the loyalty of your customers, you have to show them that you know them, which is easier than ever with the
data that a POS system generates for you. Retain your customers by tracking customer purchases, order history, and
preferences, enabling you to build out personalized marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and targeted promotions. A POS
that collects and reports on this kind of data helps you tailor your services to your customers and earn their loyalty.

Ecommerce website

Impress your visitors with a beautifully designed website

  • Increase exposure with optimized pages
  • Look great on every device and screen
  • Give a seamless omnichannel experience

Upgrade your business with the
most advanced point-of-sale

  • Simplify Inventory management and ordering
  • Boost sales with customer rewards
  • Take control with powerful reporting

Accelerate data entry and
share in-stock inventory

  • Get more buyers effortlessly
  • Access thousands of products
  • Populate descriptions, images, and more

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Rain helped us integrate everything we were doing: Point-of-sale in-store and point-of-sale online has been seamless.

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