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LinkedIn is a wonderful source for finding both talented employees and searching for top-quality customers for your retail business. As a small company, you can fully utilize LinkedIn strategies to pull in clients and to find experienced, qualified employees in your area or to work remotely. It is also an excellent source for finding and sharing knowledge, with many companies sharing updates and their expertise to a large audience of potential customers all over the world.

Being a small business owner has many challenges. Starting out, you are covering a large field of areas from accounting, payroll, hiring manager, scheduling, marketing and advertising, and more. In the beginning, you are a one-person business. Your success will depend on your determination, and usage of resources and tools. One tool you can have in your belt right from the get-go is a professional LinkedIn profile, as it will be visited by thousands of potential customers. However, in 2020 it’s important to leverage the latest technology, such as automated LinkedIn outreach with a personalized approach to get the best of both worlds.

Why build up your business with LinkedIn?

You may be wondering why you should build a page for your brand and company on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become the lead platform for connecting businesses to target customers from around the world. With these connections comes information sharing and growth for everyone involved, including you.

With a profile on LinkedIn, both users and visitors will be able to get a good handle on who you are as a company, what your expertise is, and what you can do for them and their own business. Not only will you be visible on the LinkedIn searches, but users can find you through the Google search engine as well- therefore increasing your visibility that much more! The more views, connections, and inquiries the better, right?

The main goal of any retail business is to grow and thrive while providing quality services and products to consumers. With LinkedIn, you can gain reputable connections, recommendations, and leads through their automation system and from other B2C companies like yours.

Having a fully-optimized and professionally-completed page will accomplish many things at once for you.

  1. It will give you access to opportunities for your business to be searchable through the search results for the services you provide.
  2. It gives your company a legitimate look on the company page, your own, and on your employees’ pages.
  3. It gives you a simple, effective platform to showcase your expertise and authority in your business niche by creating content in relation to what you do.
  4. You can also unleash the power of LinkedIn automation services to streamline routine tasks such as emailing, prospecting clients, and expanding your online presence on the social network.

This is not a complete list of the benefits you will reap from creating LinkedIn pages, but they are very high on the list of potentials. The advantages you gain from curating a reputable profile with LinkedIn has boundless possibilities – plus after decades of being online and working with people and businesses, they’re obviously doing a lot of things right!

Create Premium Content for Your Business Page

There’s nothing worse than making a perfect profile, only to then put less time and effort into the content that’s posted to it. You can hire a freelancer to generate related content for you if you need it done quickly while you focus on other important tasks.

It’s important to make sure the content created fits in with your specialty and presents problems and solutions within that niche. This is where you can showcase your knowledge of your field and set yourself apart from the competition. Providing information within that content will help start generating trust between yourself and potential prospects by showing your willingness to divulge information that is helpful to their own problems.

By generating a level of trust right away, you will put your business in a better spotlight – you’re knowledgeable, willing to help, and proven reliable with the information you’ve provided through the content posted on your profile. This doesn’t mean you give away all the secrets to the trade freely, but letting snippets of information available for others to solve smaller problems – not the larger ones – will have them looking for someone with the solution, like you!

LinkedIn Automation Benefits

Once you have created your personal and professional business LinkedIn pages, you can start focusing on accumulating connections to expand yourself further. A LinkedIn automation tool can boost your LinkedIn marketing, allowing you to easily manage multiple profiles, clients and campaigns. The automation capabilities for emails, notes, and connection requests provided by a LinkedIn automation platform will make the life of a social media manager a breeze, saving time and allowing more emphasis to be placed on personalization.

An automation platform enables you to reach more profiles, which can result in more clients and people to add to your personal connection tally. The more connections you generate, the better it will be for your business in the long run as your online presence and credibility steadily grow. A LinkedIn Automation system does more than just send emails, it will send connection requests, campaign ads, and collect data reports.

The service level you purchase determines what the LinkedIn automation systems will do for you. The highest level will do it all essentially, and you’ll be assigned a manager to assist you with going through everything and taking care of the lower levels of legwork required.

Utilize Contacts to Help Connect with New Clients

Last but not least, once you have a good pool of connections and contacts, and fortify yourself as a reliable professional in your niche, it is time to continue expanding your business. After all, expansion and growth mean more sales and productivity, which in turn will lead to a successful business in the long run.

As you search for new connections across the platform, look for commonalities or mutual connections to utilize as means for introducing yourself, or ask your mutual contact for an introduction to them. As long as you have built a great relationship with your current connections, then the chances of spreading out further increase.

Keep Your Knowledge Up to Date About LinkedIn Strategies

Make sure to keep up with new advancements, methodologies, and tools within your industry- keep the doors of knowledge revolving with a steady flow of intel. By staying current, you can ensure you’ll deliver the best services and products to your consumers. As a B2C business, it’s important to use all the resources and tools available to ensure your continual and successful growth. After all, the retail industry is incredibly competitive and having the right tools will ensure that your business stays ahead of the game.