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Intuit Discontinuing QuickBooks Desktop and Point of Sale

by | Mar 17, 2023

Intuit has decided to discontinue QuickBooks Desktop. As of June 1, 2023 QuickBooks Desktop will no longer be available for sale. And on October 4, 2023 QuickBooks Point of Sale will end operations.

From time-to-time organizations will decide it is no longer commercially viable to continue developing and supporting some portion of their software, especially if it is a small portion of their overall business. Intuit is suggesting that customers move to QuickBooks Online, a cloud-based version of the desktop software. They also suggest that POS users, “…explore other point of sale solutions to determine what works best for your business.”

What will happen when QuickBooks Desktop is discontinued?

QuickBooks Desktop users will not be able to subscribe to live technical support or any of the other Intuit services that can be integrated with QuickBooks Desktop. Also, discontinued versions won’t receive the latest security patches and updates.

In addition, the following will not work:

  • Security updates
  • Payroll Services
  • Support
  • Online Backup
  • Online Banking

Intuit suggests that users subscribe to and transition to QuickBooks Online immediately. 

What will happen when QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is discontinued?

QuickBooks POS software will not support the desktop version of the software. POS users should seek a replacement solution as soon as possible in order to avoid a disruption to their business.

After October 3, 2023 users will not be able to access:

  • Payment Security Updates
  • Connected Services
  • Intuit Store Exchange
  • Webgility
  • Additional user licenses

What should you do now?

Intuit suggests that QuickBooks Desktop users move to QuickBooks Online as soon as possible. Intuit wants to make this process a seamless experience. There are instructions online to help you make the transition. Rain’s QuickBooks Online integration enables the two systems to work together seamlessly.

However the more pressing problem for many retail business owners is the decision as to which point-of-sale system they will move to. Choosing the right POS system is one of the most important decisions you can make. It will have an incredible impact on your business and your business operations.

According to the QuickBooks announcement of the discontinuation of QuickBooks Online and POS, there are many options available. They say, “You are welcome to explore other point of sale solutions to determine what works best for your business.”

Generic Solutions

There are many popular generic POS solutions, but you need to ask yourself, “is that going to work for me and my business.” A large faceless company may or may not be there for you in the future. Many of these providers rely heavily on self-service customer support and cookie cutter service.

And as you can see, when a small portion of their service is commercially unsustainable they will abandon the service. In fact there is a name for this—abandonware. When a company decides that it is no longer commercially viable to spend time and money on advertising, distributing, and supporting an old service, or porting it to newer platforms, it will discontinue the service.

This will happen with most products at some point, but there are organizations that plan for this and models that more easily overcome these obstacles.

Targeted Solutions

One strategy for overcoming the challenge of supporting the unique needs of specialty retailers is a more focused product. Many business owners have discovered that they need specific tools and features for their particular business. These business owners need a POS system that is made for their industry by experts in the field.

Industry Focused POS Systems

Rain Retail has known for a long time that many specialty retailers are better served by a targeted POS solution. Rain decided to pursue a strategy of serving the needs of these business owners. Each of these solutions is supported by a team of industry experts that use their insight to meet the needs of that industry. It has developed specific POS brands based on its platform to successfully serve these customers. 

These are some of the industries served:


Rain POS has led the way in meeting the needs of specialty retailers. It first solved the dilemma of an integrated solution for selling online and in-store.

Like Sew

Seeing the challenges faced by quilt and sewing shops. Like Sew resolved inventory headaches for owners that purchase bulk material or parts and then sell the same product a yard at a time, individually, or in kits.


In addition to unique inventory challenges, many jewelry shops need to handle detailed work orders for custom work and repairs. As well, jewelry has very specific sales functions that need to handle commissions, clienteling, and customer relationship management.

Music Shop 360

Music Retailers have very unique needs. From instruments to sheet music and repairs to lessons, they need a POS system that solves their particular needs.

Cloud-Based Software

Beyond targeted solutions for specialty retailers, Rain provides an online solution that is more convenient to maintain and easier to update. Cloud-based or software as a service (SaaS) is a much more nimble solution. It offers advantages to desktop or on premise services in four ways: cost, speed, scalability, and security.


Cloud-based software is a cost-effective option that allows easy access to important data, saving time, enabling productivity. Provided as a monthly subscription model, it allows you to take advantage of the software quickly and see results soon after implementation. Another benefit of cloud-based software is that it can help reduce maintenance costs over time.


Missed software updates can reduce productivity and lead to unexpected downtime. Traditional purchased software requires manual updates, which can be time-consuming, expensive, and even confusing if no specialist is available to help.

Automatic software updates can save time and ensure that the latest updates are automatically refreshed as soon as they become available. This automation saves valuable time and money on outside IT consultation or services. Additionally, when your employees don’t have to handle routine maintenance, they have more time to allocate to other strategic initiatives and responsibilities.


These POS systems can easily scale to fit your store’s unique needs. As your business expands, you can add services or expand your current options to match your store’s needs. Rain has streamlined this process, especially compared to scaling up or down on-premise resources, which typically takes several months to complete in its entirety. Ultimately, cloud-based services are much more time-effective to scale up.


Adopting a cloud-based system can provide a high level of security. Digitized business information is at risk, making improved data security necessary for any successful business. A cloud host can help monitor and ensure security.

There Is Help

Perhaps one of the best things you can do to get help is to talk with one of our POS Experts. We have individuals ready to help with your shop’s specific needs. Contact an expert to see how we can help.

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