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A great rental experience starts with great online rental software. Rental management software should be great for customers and for retailers, with ease of use for everyone involved. With Rain, customers can easily create a rental reservation with staff in your store. Since the system is cloud-based, the inventory availability is adjusted in real time so customers know they’ll get what they signed up for. Online rental software has never been easier!

I really like how easy it is to build your online presence by yourself. No need to pay somebody else to build you a site

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Short-Term Rentals

With Rain, managing rental equipment—both in store and online— is now a breeze. Since the rental system is integrated with your point of sale, inventory availability, customer accounts, reservations, deposits, late fees, waivers, and checkouts are now quick and painless for short-term rentals.

Rent-To-Own Management

With Rain’s rent-to-own management, you can quickly create a rent-to-own contract right from your POS register. Streamline the way you account for payment terms, maintenance fees, insurance payments, late charges and more. Your customers will love the simplicity.

Create Rental Packages

Quickly add products to your rental inventory and specify which accessories can be added to the reservation. Create packages for items frequently used together, or rent individual items piece by piece. It’s up to you, and it’s simple to create packages either way.

Customize Deposit Amounts

Choose if you’ll collect a deposit for each rental option. We understand that some items require a larger deposit than others, so we made the software flexible for you to set that up just the way you like it. It’s easy to customize the deposit amounts for whatever the rental requires.

Set Variable Rental Periods

Set rental periods (hourly, daily, weekly, season, etc.) with the corresponding pricing. Since the rental software is integrated with the Point of Sale, the total will automatically be calculated for easy checkout. No need to use more than one system when the Rain system has it all in one place.

Determine Late Fees

Set up late fees in the amount you choose at the time you choose. Want to charge by the hour? No problem. By the week? Gotcha. It’s your stuff; you decide when it’s due and what the penalty should be if it’s not returned on time. Rain makes it easy to customize the fees and set it up all in one place.

Collect Information

Dictate what customer information you need to collect for the rental: age, height, weight, skill level…whatever information you need, the system can collect so you can assign the right gear to the right customers. All the information you need for a rental is all at your fingertips.

Generate Reports

Wondering where all your stuff is? We’ve got you covered. Run daily reports to see how many rentals you have going out on a given day, how many rentals are returning, and how many are late or overdue. With these reports, you’ll have powerful information to better understand your rentals, so you can make impactful business decisions.


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