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No matter the volume of repairs or services needed to keep
your business afloat, Rain Retail’s work order management
software is designed to optimize your task-driven operations in
one efficient system.

We like the constant upgrades to the systems that we use the most. Also Rain is
very responsive and a real live person picks up the phone when we call.

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Automated — Collaborative — Accurate

The work that a maintenance or service team performs is an essential pillar in any business, but their efforts need structure, consistency, and
precision to thrive—which is what our POS system offers. Any industry, service, or process that uses work orders can function better with software that takes care of repetitive tasks and keeps every team member on track. Instead of disarray, you can perfect your procedures by:

Centralized System

Centralizing and standardizing the process so that every work order goes through the same system

First things first

Prioritizing high-concern tasks without losing low-priority tasks in the shuffle

Simplified Processing

Creating greater transparency for all departments and teams with a public processing system

Clear Communication

Creating clear expectations for both work order requests and maintenance team members with consistent and automated operations

Features That Boost Your Workflow

Orders can come in at any time and sometimes create a string of problems that need to be addressed. Work order management
with Rain Retail eliminates the stress and confusion that comes with the chaos of work orders by offering the following features.

Multiple work orders per transaction

A single transaction can have multiple services if the scope of your project demands it

Organize job services

If your service business handles several different types of jobs, no problem! You can organize your jobs or work order types to match your service workflow

Useful and customizable templates

Find templates to create different types of work order jobs and streamline the process—you can also customize them to meet the needs of your brand or business

Integrated POS and website

For accepting payments for work orders, we make managing the work orders and the sales process simple by providing all the tools you need within a single platform software

Benefits That Transform Work Order Management

Improved documentation

Our digitized POS system allows you to create an item or task for every work order that can be updated at each step, providing your team with detailed documentation of the work order’s events, compliance, and status.

Reduced costs

An efficient workflow for work order management means you can reduce labor costs, increase productivity, and prevent future maintenance or service issues for assets, which all save your business money in the long run.

Better visibility

It is much simpler to monitor the performance and results of any work done with work order management software since every item is not only documented but continuously tracked.

Easier scheduling

Instead of widespread work burnout, overloading or underloading certain team members, or accidentally mismanaging a schedule, our software helps you effectively assign work orders and manage everyone’s expectations so that the work is completed on time and at the highest quality.


Work Order Management with Rain Retail

If your current flow of work orders is a makeshift solution that adds to the chaos of your job, it’s time to revitalize your strategy with a POS system that can handle the constant changes and requests of work orders. Get in touch with our specialists today to learn more about our POS system and how it can get your work order management on track!


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