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Payment Processing:
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Accepting payments is one of the daily procedures of retail
and running a business, and to protect both your customers
and your brand, you need payment processing that is secure,
efficient, and integrated with the rest of your operations.

Accept payments, send payouts, and manage your business
transactions both in-store and online with Rain Retail.

We like the constant upgrades to the systems that we use the most. Also Rain is very responsive and a real live person picks up the phone when we call.

Rita Noland

Prairie Winds Band Instrument Repair LLC



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Transparent — Intuitive — Secure

Startups, small businesses, or mid-sized retailers can quickly and safely process payments using Rain Retail software. Our POS system has every tool you need to process payments and other eCommerce transactions, so you can manage your entire sales operation from one place. Having everything under 
one intuitive system makes it easier for customers to interact with your brand, understand your pricing, and trust your payment process.

Payment Processing Features

Card payments are standard practice for customers, both in person and online, which means you need a payment processor—and payment processing is easiest with a POS system. Real-time POS systems not only handle customer transactions, but also help you manage sales, track inventory, and generate data and reports for your business. With transparent pricing, you can appreciate features like:


Integrated payment options

Our software makes it easy to sync your POS system and website so that you can accept debit or credit card payments online, which makes for fast and secure transactions anywhere. POS software helps you accept more types of payment methods, including mobile payments, so you can adjust to the needs of your customer base, too.


Fraud prevention

To gain and retain the trust of your customers, you need a reliable payment processing system that can monitor suspicious activity and provide other fraud prevention, like having multiple layers of security.


User-friendly interface

For both customers and internal users, payment processing software needs to be simple to understand and use. Rain Retail is renowned for its ease of use, so you can quickly become an expert as you manage payments from your device.

Optimized Payment Processing, Endless Benefits

With the right system in place, your payment solutions can be secure, professional, and best of all, easy to manage so that you can focus on
your products, services, and branding. By optimizing your payment processing system with Rain Retail, you can expect benefits like the following:

Fast Transactions

Integrated payments make for quicker payments, faster scanning, and reduced waiting time, providing the very best customer experience that modern payment methods have to offer

Easy access

With a cloud-based system, you can access data and payment processing software anywhere, giving you and your customers ultimate convenience

Added security

A POS system like Rain Retail ensures that only authenticated users can access payment information, which greatly lowers the risk of malicious intrusions

Rain retail payment processing

Make Payment Processing Simple with Rain Retail

Rain Retail software is designed to leverage both convenience and functionality so that payment processing is a painless and natural part of your business. Integrate your website with Rain Retail’s POS system and start enjoying the perks of seamless payment management. Get a demo of our platform to try our software for yourself!


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